The college went without Wi-Fi, email, the campus website or access to learning management and accounting systems for nearly a week. Students asked how this could happen.
Stanford said it was creating a forum for sharing diverse views, but many students didn't see much in the way of diversity.
Co-editor discusses new book on FBI documents about spying on researchers.
At a fictional institution, officials obsess over assessments of research quality, pander to donors and equate educating students with job training.


When numbers are misused in a way that reinforces an idea that such institutions are less than most of higher education, we should respond, argues Walter Kimbrough.

Career Advice

Sean Gerrity suggests five steps to take to maintain an active research agenda.


Just Visiting

February 21, 2019
I was educated in the last century, and yet I'm thriving in the age of disruption. Are there lessons for those who worry about the "demands of the 21st century?"

Library Babel Fish

February 21, 2019
Thinking about resilance in the face of severe weather events.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

February 21, 2019
Make the most of your vendor partnerships with honesty, integrity and a little empathy.

Conversations on Diversity

February 21, 2019
In a diverse democracy, education ought to be about learning and building relationships across lines of difference. Does invoking the concept safety help facilitate either of those goals?

Digital Tweed

February 20, 2019
It's time for the OER conversation beyond the cost of course materials to focus primarily on the quality of OER course resources.

Student Affairs and Technology

February 20, 2019
An innovative pathway for digital engagement

The World View

February 20, 2019
The Gulf States are investing heavily in creating knowledge-based economies and increasing female participation is a government priority

Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 20, 2019
Writing off entire populations is not the way to ensure long-term prosperity.


February 20, 2019
Tips on bringing language study, an important component of many graduate programs, into your busy schedule.

Online: Trending Now

February 20, 2019
With its online master's in computer science and its recent commitment to a lifetime of education for its students, Georgia Tech challenges MIT as most innovative university.
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