Divinity is chopping faculty slots and has lost students steadily in recent years at evangelical university, which has long said religion is central to its programs.
Survey of likely 2020 voters shows they view colleges favorably but increasingly question whether they're delivering on promises. It also suggests a disconnect between priorities of politicians and the public.
Poll finds that most say they spend less than $1,000. But even as some think that figure is too low, findings also show 20 percent of millionaires under 55 spent more than $50,000.
Appeals court reinstates a long-standing tenure denial case brought by a black law professor against a predominantly black university. A key issue is how much deference colleges deserve on academic matters.
AAUP votes to censure or sanction three institutions at its annual meeting. Idaho State removed from sanction list.
Harvard professors who lost posts leading undergraduate residential college amid criticism of defense of Harvey Weinstein vow to promote change at the university.


The truth about these teams is more complex than headlines acknowledge, and misconceptions about them abound, Ryan A. Miller and four other scholars argue.

Career Advice

A well-thought-out message can put the finishing touches on a great interview or help save you after a not-so-great one, writes Stephanie K. Eberle.
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Just Visiting

June 16, 2019
What can we learn from how a good writer works to help others write good?

Technology and Learning

June 16, 2019
Can the personal crises lens that Diamond applied to nations also apply to colleges?

Student Affairs and Technology

June 16, 2019
New series focuses on mental and behavioral health disorders among college students

Library Babel Fish

June 13, 2019
Knowing why scholarship matters is as important as finding it.
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